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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 02:00

About that, how much cost the information on competitors, the general director of international information company "Guardian" has told Nikolay Minkevskyi ».

The enterprises the classified information interests
The Ukrainian business weekly journal "Contracts" № 03, 24.01.2005
— Players of a certain commodity market and services know about each other much enough. As a rule, the Ukrainian enterprises the information which is not lying on a surface interests. For example, data on structure of the cost price of production of competitors, the information about their clients and suppliers, the analysis of the competitive environment in a narrow segment of the market. This information allows the enterprises to define more precisely competitive advantages or, on the contrary, to reveal the weak places. The information about business reputation of the companies interests, mainly, their foreign partners and potential investors.

 How many the information which to you managed to be sold most expensively cost?
— At a given time the head of the company can pay the big money for that information for which during other time would not began to pay copecks. Happens that the desire to receive information on the partner wakes up at businessmen during serious negotiations when it is impossible to postpone large-scale contract signing. Emergency granting of the information manages in the decent sum, however data of justify — happened that we, checking biographical particulars of the customer, defined that firm Х simply does not exist.

You have access to databases of state bodies?
— We have contractual relations with Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also some analytical firms with which we communicate. On the terms of a license fee we use databases of some information centres.
How use the information on clients of your competitors?
— In Ukraine, to be exact — in Kiev five firms which we can name competitors work. Though, by and large, the competition in our branch is not present, as demand for the information only starts to be formed. Neither we, nor our partners do not entice clients each other. A unique case of collision of interests — the tender organized in last year by very large company which we have won. However, such tender was the first and unique for all history of independent Ukraine.
Own service of gathering and information ordering — expensive thing
— All depends on the problems put by administration before corresponding department. In gathering and information ordering one professional on the basis of the computer and access to the Internet can be engaged. In that case expenses for a supply with information will not exceed $1000 a month. However, first, one professional is, as a matter of fact, an uncontested source of the information for the head. And secondly, any professional cannot conduct regularly and unmistakably serious researches, processing the big information files in accurate target dates. Staff of skilled employees and the corresponding software is for this purpose necessary. The programs, allowing to process small (some mbyte) files, it is possible to download free of charge from the Internet. And here the license software calculated for work with gigabytes of the information, in the Russian market costs ten thousand dollars.

How many employees work in your company?
— Twenty. However by information gathering are occupied not all. There are at us financial analysts, experts in marketing etc.
On what it is necessary to pay attention, checking analytical conclusions of subordinates?
— Any report of information consists of three blocks: the prologue, a statement and recommendations. To begin reading of analytical materials follows from the end. In the event that recommendations are basic for decision-making (we will tell, the negative conclusion on this or that partner is drawn), there is a sense to analyses, on base of what information and what analytical procedures those or other conclusions are drawn.

The primary source: http://www.rscip.ru/base/A9597255-1063074.html 



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