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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 23:10


Associations «Group of the companies PROTECTION»
Nikolay MINKEVSKYI, the general director of international information company "Guardian":
— Reliability of preservation of a trade secret depends on how the administration organizes work with the personnel more often. Not the secret that in each collective is people unreliable which are inclined to extend the confidential information and those whom without any stretches it is possible to name patriots of firm. These employees are capable to stop information leakage through other workers. How many at the enterprise will be patriotically adjusted personnel — directly depends on company internal policy. If employees feel on the workplace comfortably, see prospect, and the management appreciates their work and it is adequately remunerated — the majority of workers will value the place and trade secrets not begin to squander.


 And on the contrary, in conditions when each member of collective feels deceived, underestimated and often thinks of work change, it is the easier to spies to hire agents. Moreover, the information confidential and compromising the company will spread round it, as if a dirty pool, without any recruitment and secret-service work. Here no service of internal security will help, if the head under its recommendation does not change the relation to work with shots.
The author: Vadim Kulpinov.

The primary source: http://antiraider.org.ua/2006/11/30/kommercheskijj_smersh.html 


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